ARGGGHH, I'm feeling sleepy..
How are u guys??

Today, i went with 11 awesome people from my class *too much exaggerating* to PIA 170 for breakfast..
It turned out to be splendid, but my blackberry got hijack with a bunch of weird people!!! *i'll never forget what you guys did today!!*

So, here is, 11 + 1 awesome guys from XI-1 Bilingual class :)

I'm the one who took the picture T_T

What a lucky girl I am

Warning: this isn't a fashion,bag,accesories post..
This post is about my life..
And I'm not going to use english, since my english is bad..

Jadi, baru aja tadi, gua baca blognya janice , entah kenapa, kali ini tulisannya beda dari yang lain.. HAHA
Topiknya: Money can't buy happiness

Menurut jan, uang gak bisa beli kebahagiaan, pas gua baca itu gua mikir "lebih naik gua nangis di BMW daripada di sepeda".. Cuma, pas baca "bagian dia dapet iPhone" gua mulai ngerti..
Di postnya dia cerita dia seneng dapet iPhone *siapa sih yang gak* tapi senengnya beda sama seneng yang "jalan ama temen&jalan ama keluarga".. Dari situ gua baru mikir ia sih yah, bukan bermaksud untuk pamer, gua juga ngerasa apa yang janice rasa kok, misalnya dibeliin parfum Bvlgari ama papah, ato ga tas ZARA, rasanya udah ga kayak gimana lagi, seneng sih seneng, cuman senengnya beda sama kayak "dimasakin telur ama papah"..

Mungkin menurut kalian "papah gua juga bisa masak kok", cuma buat gua yg secara notabene papahnya kerja di luar kota, trus baru pulang kalo weekend, ketemu papah itu sesuatu ANUGRAH YANG HEBAT dari TUHAN.. Ditambah lagi, khotbah di sekolah tentang "complaining", trus pas khotbah diputer video tentang anak yang ga suka punya papah yang tuli ama bisu.. Gua berkaca-kaca dong nontonnya..

Gua sadar, mungkin gua sama atau bahkan jauh lebih buruk daripada anak itu, secara papah gua normal..
Dari situ juga gua pikir "kenapa gua selalu complain ke Tuhan?", gua sadar gua ini termaksud anak perempuan paling beruntung di dunia, gua punya orang tua yang the best, sahabat-sahabat yang care, temen-temen yang baik, gua hidup berkecukupan lebih dari cukup bahkan, terlebih lagi gua punya AWESOME GOD ----------> JESUS CHRIST

Kalian mungkin mikir, "Iren anaknya religius amat" eettt jangan salah, bukannya sok religius gimana, tapi bukannya kita harus bangga punya Tuhan yang hebat??
Well GOD, i know You're reading my blog, I just want to say that I'm sorry for the time when I don't appreciate everything that YOU have given to me..
Now, I know that I'm one of the luckiest girl in the world, and it's because of you :)

For JANICE: Girl, you want a boyfriend?? Good luck!!

Korean Dresses

I'm not going to post about korean dresses, i just want to tell you that i open a store that sells korean dresser, lingeries,and bags...
The outfit is extremly cute :)
The price isn't expensive..

Some cute outfit:
Cute lingeries:
Cute right???
So what are you waiting for??? Add my blackberry pin: 28C5599C
My telephone number: 082116740258
And by the way, it's only for Indonesia costumer.. :)

Thank You GOD, Thank You Dad

So yesterday i went to Jakarta to pick up my dad.. He just got back from Iceland, Netherlands, and France..
Of course, if he's going abroad, it means SOUVENIR!

Yeah, in this post I'm going to post the pictures of my souvenir...

Best Friend

 So today my friends give me a birthday present..
I know, my birthday was last month, they late to give me the present, because you know there are lots of thing..

So, the give a school bag, that's great because i want a new school bag.. *thank you guys*
They also wrote a comment about me.. I'm going to show you the picture of the bag, and what they wrote for me..

Puasa Aktif

Post kali ini bakal jadi post yang mengandung tips-tips biar puasa kalian tetep aktif..
Walaupun gua sendiri adalah seorang Nasrani, tapi tetep gua mau kasih tips agar umat Islam yang menjalankan puasa khususnya perempuan bisa tetep aktif pas puasa..
So, here we go =D

Happy Sunday

Good Afternoon everyone!!
Happy Sunday =D
Have you guys go to church??

So today, after go to church with my mother, i go to PVJ mall with my mother and her friends..
We eat at TOMO, it's a Japanese restaurant, and the food is very very delicious..

After that, we go to Payless..
That is my favorite shoes store..
Not only shoes, payless also sells scarf,necklace,earings,hats,and other things..
The price is ceaper than the other stores, and the quality of the shoes is top class!!

My mother buy me a pair of shoes, not a shoes actually, but heels..
So i think, i'm going to post the picture of the shoes and what i wear when i go to the church..

Tidy Up Your Room

Moshi moshi Minna san!!! \(^^)/
Konnichiwa :)
O Genki desu ka???

Hello Guys
Good Afternoon
How are u??

So this saturday, I don't go anywhere, and i have to be forever alone in my house..
WHY?! It because my mother goes to Ciater with my maid,driver, and their families..
My Brothers?? They live in Jakarta, they can't go home, because they said that they had a lot of works to be finish..
My Father??? He goes to Holland, Iceland, and Paris,, *SUPER DUPER ENVY* and he'll be back on next Friday *can't wait*

Aragaki Yui - Chiisana Koi No Uta

I promise this is the last post before i go to sleep..
People who watch dorama must know Aragaki Yui, She is a great actrees and singer..
She played at Hanamizuki, Koizora (movie),Papa to musume no nanokakan, etc..

This song, is one of my favorite song..


Hiroi uchuu no kazu aru hitotsu
aoi chikyuu no hiroi sekai de
chiisana koi no omoi wa todoku
chiisana shima no anata no moto e

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up

Can't sleep, so i think I'll just post a song lyrics for you guys (y)
So, here is...

Hmmmm ... Hmmmm ... Hmmmm ... Hmmm ...

When I look into your eyes
It's like watching the night sky
Or a beautiful sunrise

AKB48 - Give Me Five

 Just want to share the lyrics of GIve Me Five by AKB48 :)



HAHA... I seem happy right????
It's because TODAY IS FRIDAY!!!

I just want to have a chitchat time here..
So, today i have to present my club infront of 10 graders..
I joined Japanese club last term, and it was preety awsome..
Can you imagine, we *Japanese club member* watching animes,make origami,join competitions,MAKE SUSHI!!!
Sugoii desu ne??

First Day of School

So, today is the first day of school.. OH NO!
I have to wake up at 5 am, it's hard to wake up at this time because i always wake up at 10 am in my holiday..
So, it's very very hard to do it..
Luckily, i don't have any lessons today.. YAY
BUT, tomorrow, the battle BEGINS!!

Last Day of Holiday

Today, is the last day of my school holiday..
NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Oh NO, I have to study AGAIN!!!
Is not like I hate studying, but I really hate about waking up at 5 in the morning, and doing homework..

So, to make this last day of holiday fun, me,yoyo,jan and pat *they're my besties*, go to TRANS STUDIO BANDUNG!!!

Peaceful Monday

 So today, i go to my friend's house.. HAHA
Yeah, i go to Yoyo's house..
Actually, i go there to take some pictures about what i wear, but it ended up with watching dorama..
And yeah, i also take some crazy pictures with her, it's absolutely not about fashion..

AKB48 - Sakura No Ki Ni Narou

This song is one of my favorite song from AKB48..



Haru-iro no sora no shita wo
Kimi wa hitori de aruki hajimeru'n da
Itsuka mita yume no you ni
Egaite kita nagai michi

New Look

As you can see, I changed the template of this blog..
Well yeah, this template is BETTER than the last template..

To be honest, I completely blind about HTML codes..
I think that's because i never pay  attention in my computer class..

So, how about the template?? Is it good???
HAHA, tell me..

Design is everything. Everything! - Paul Rand

Calming Saturday

So, yesterday i went to IP (Istana Plaza) with a bestfriend of mine..
I asked her to take a picture of me, because i think I'm going to post the pictures and tell you what i wore...
I know, I'm not that fashionable, but I think, It's not a problem to show the people what i wear.. RIGHT???

So here is..


After the long journey, from Semarang to Jogja then went to Semarang again and went to Jakarta... FINALLY!!! I came back yesterday to my hometown (y)

But!!! My house got abandoned at least for 2 weeks, so, there are a lot of insects
Yesterday, i spent one hour to get rid those insects..

Enjoy Jakarta

Indonesian people must know PRJ..
PRJ is Pekan Raya Jakarta or in other name it called Jakarta Fair..

Actually, i went there, and IT'S AWESOME!!!
Lots of stand, lots of discount, lots of product!
It's amazing..

Fashion :3

Because I'm an Indonesian, so for this post I'm going to use Indonesia Language..

Sori lama ga post, mau nge post ga ada wifi, make tab-nya papah ga ngerti caranya, jadi mau gimana lagi... HAHAHA