Trip to Jogja and Malang part 1

 Hey guys!
How are you doing???
I'm sorry that I'm not posting anything for a longgg timeeee~
It's not like I'm busy, It's because I'm lazy..
I'm an honest person right??

Anyway, in this post I'm going to tell you about my trip with my school to Jogja and Malang..
So, let's start!

We started our trip on 8th October, our first destination was Jogja..
We gathered at school at around 3 am in the morning, and because of this situation I didn't sleep at the previous night instead I took a long long nap..

Place I want to go someday :)

Hey guys, how are you doing???
Well for me, this week is a busy week from me, but unfortunately at Saturday, I went to PVJ with Ina and Ehan..
And at there I met Patricia..

So, for today's post, I just want to show you what are the places that I gladly want to go someday..
So let's just start :)

Mean Girls (2004)

Hey guys..
I know this is an old movie.. Not that old, but it was launched 8 years ago.. So it considered old..
so, today movie is   Mean Girls...

And like usual, I'm not going to write the synopsis, I'm just going to talk about the outfit that worn by the characters..
So take a look :)