Howdy people!
I'm sorry for my absence, it's just you know, I'm a senior now, I get bust, really busy..
And sorry again, I'm not using english for this time..

So yeah, teman-teman, gimana kabarnya?
Kumaha Damang?

Kali ini gua cuma mau nge-post hal-hal random sih..
Betul, gua makin lama makin random, makin weird gitu..
Gua aja ga ngerti kenapa gua bisa jadi geleuh gini..
Ya udah lah yah, lanjut~

Jadi hal random apa yang bakal gua post??
Ini dia!!
Eng ing eng!

Pake pmdk lagi, eheheheheheh..

Okeh, I'm really grateful to God, i'ts because of He that i get accepted in my first choice college..

Jadi gua ga mesti mikirin kuliah lagi, kan udah keterima #apasih

Cuma gua sebagai senior, menyarankan kalian anak-anak kelas 10 dan 11 untuk belajar rajin karena nilai bagus menentukan kalian akan keterima pmdk ato ga..
Bukan berarti nilai gua bagus sih, nilai gua pas pasan gitu.. Jadi biar ga deg-degan kayak gua, kalian belajarlah dengan rajin, dengarlah nasihat kakak kelas mu ini! SERIUS!

Okeh next story, jadi sekarang gua lagi punya hobi nonton video aneh..
Aneh bukan berarti mesum loh yah..
Video aneh yang lucu kok, yang kadang2 kata-katanya ga pantes untuk anak kecill..
Loh emang gua bukan anak kecil? bukan lah, gua kan 17 tahun! Udah jadi cici cici gitu deh... #jijay
Kalian kalo udh gede kayak gua, nonton YouTube gih cari user namanya Bart Baker..
Seriusan lucu..

Ada apa lagi yah??
Gua iseng nanya doang sih, menurut kalian pacaran ama yang lebih muda itu weird ato ga, jangan jauh-jauh lah, beda 1 tahun aja... 1 TAHUN! bukan 15 TAHUN yah...
Gua bingung ada loh orang yang jadian ama cowo yang lebih muda dua tahun.. ada loh..

Buat gua sih gapapa, asal cuma setahun tok aja, setahun aja yah, jangan 15 tahun gitu..

Udah deh kayaknya, makin malem makin aneh gua..

Maaf yah gua random banget!!!
Bye people, see you nanother time!!

Ps: gua hari ini diledekin cici cici Marnat lohhhh!! *Marnat aka Maranatha itu nama univ yg gua tuju*

August Favorites 2013

Hello everybody!
Long time no see..
I'm sorry for my absence for the time being..
It's just I'm so busy with school works..
Okay that's bullsh*t...
I'm sorry for the lack of words..
Well, the truth is I'm not busy.. I'm just lazy, as always...

So yeah, in this post i just want to show you guys some of my favorite beauty products of the month...
Let's get started!!

One Day Princess

 Hello everybody!
I'm sorry for my long hiatus, it's just school has started and as a senior *yeahh* i have to be very diligent this year..
This week is my first week of school, and it's like so busy i think..
Next week there will be a lot of exams.. From Monday to Friday.. Crazy right?

I think it's enough to talk about my school activity, because it will make me crazy..
So yeah, in this post i just want to tell about my sweet seventeen party last month..
I know, it's very very late, but yeah i have no time and since i just got the photos, i think this is a good time to tell you guys about it..

My Instagram

Hello everybody!

It's me.. Again..

I'm sorry can't post my holiday photos..
I'm not in my home yet..

I'm in Semarang right now..

So, instead of posting my holiday photos, I'm just gonna post my Instagram photos..

Q: Wait, you have an Instagram  account?
A: Yep.. I just got it..
Q: So, you're using an iPhone right know?
A: Nope... It's an iPad

It's my birthday present from my dad.. I actually need an iPad..
I have to wait for 6 months to get an iPad..
Why? Because I have to get great scores in my report card...

Enough of the chit chat, I'm going to post my Instagram photos...

Well, those are some of my Instagram photos..
Btw, I just buy the cat t-shirt..
It's from Giordano..

Well, I guess that's all for today...
Enjoy your holiday guys!
Bye :)

Ps: follow me on Instagram: irenepricilla 

I'm back!

Hello guys!!
I'm back again!
In here...
In Indonesia...

Finally, I'm back... (I've said that too much)
The trip was fun, but I still miss Indonesia...
This is the fact, Indonesia food is really delicious..

For you guys who don't know where I'm going, I went to Egypt and Israel..
It's a holy land trip..

Israel and Egypt are beautiful countries..
Well, there are lots of huge different between Israel and Egypt, but both of them contain lots of good looking people..

They're so handsome!

I went there to strengthening my faith, but once I got there, I became a play girl..
Hahaha... Just kidding..
But seriously, they're so handsome...

Well, I'll tell you more stories..
Maybe the day after tomorrow..
So yeah, I think that's all for today..

Summer Holiday Equipment

What's up people??
Summer is just around the corner..
Have you guys prepared about it??

So, today I'm going to write about things that you may be needed in your vacation..
Let's Start!

Getting Prepared

How are you guys!

I'm sorry for the lacking of updates..
The truth is, I'm so busy..
I swear, I'm not lying..

There are a lot of things to do..
Like final exams, my sweet seventeen party, and more..
The fact is, tomorrow I had to face Bahasa Indonesia and History final tests..
And i don't want to study..
I just don't have the urge to study.. Just no..

Well, in this post i just want to tell some random stories.. Because i don't have any urge to sudy, so i think it's better to spend the time writing a post..

And yeah, you guys know that I'm turning 17 next month (exactly: 11 days to go!) I'm feeling excited..
I can't wait to have my id card and my driving license..
Well, i know it's still a long time before my sweet seventeen birthday, but i want to tell you guys my wishes for the next year of my life..

  1. I pass 11 grade
  2. I don't trip while dancing in my sweet seventeen party
  3. I have fun in Israel
  4. An iPad (maybe an iPhone) (tell me guys, which one should i choose)
  5. A lot of presents (i'm just being childish)
  6. My brothers get a girlfriend
  7. Patience (I need this)
  8. More and more love of GOD
  9. A better relationship with my parents 
  10. To fall in love with someone
"To fall in love with someone"
Yeah, i don't want a boyfriend for now..
I just want to fall in love..

So yeah, those are my wishes..

Seriously, I still don't have the urge to study..
Well, i guess that's all..
I'm too tired to write..


One Month to Go

Hey guys..
How you guys doing?
Are you guys doing great?

Enough of the chit chat..

Actually next month i'm turning 17!
O yeah!

I'm getting busy with the preparation of my sweet seventeen party..
I'm not used to this kind of situation..
Well, I'm the only daughter in my family..
So I'm the only one who will hold a sweet seventeen party..
And yeah i just  know that MC stands for Master Ceremony..
Hahha.. Silly me..

But, before the party, i have to go through the most incredible thing in my life..
Not incredible actually..
Well, i have to go through my final test..
15 days to go to my lovely final test..
I'm being sarcastic..

Well guys, wish me luck..

So that's all for now..
I have to work on my math homework..
Bye :)

All the good and the bad things

Hello guys!!
Long time no see..
I'm sorry for the lack of updates in my blog..
I'm just so busy with school..
There are lots of exams and competitions ..
So yeah, let me tell you all the good and the bad things i experienced last month until this month..
Let's start!

This Month Favorite (March 2013)

Hey guys, how are you?
I know that I disappeared for a long time..
Well, it's because of school.. So, yeah~

Happy Pass Over 
Happy Easter

Happy Sweet Seventeen

Howdy people!
Long time no see..
I'm sorry for not writing in here for a while..
I'm so busy with school..
I'm not lying..

So yeah, you may ask why the tittle is "Happy Sweet Seventeen"?
I'm not celebrating my seventeenth birthday, not yet..
It is because lots of my friend were celebrating their  seventeenth birthday,,
I just going to post the pictures of some sweet seventeen parties that i attend..
Let's get start..

Keep doing better!

Hey hey hey!!

How is your second day in this year??
Amazing?? Awesome? Sad? Bored??
But, before it is late i just want to say..


明きまして おめでとう ございます!!