One Day Princess

 Hello everybody!
I'm sorry for my long hiatus, it's just school has started and as a senior *yeahh* i have to be very diligent this year..
This week is my first week of school, and it's like so busy i think..
Next week there will be a lot of exams.. From Monday to Friday.. Crazy right?

I think it's enough to talk about my school activity, because it will make me crazy..
So yeah, in this post i just want to tell about my sweet seventeen party last month..
I know, it's very very late, but yeah i have no time and since i just got the photos, i think this is a good time to tell you guys about it..

I've been preparing may sweet seventeen party, for about one month before the day.. It was a very short time, and it was because i was so lazy to do it..
Fortunately, i already ordered my dresses for the party, and it was finished at the right time..

On the 14th of June, in the morning, i went to salon to get the hair and the make up done..
The result was good, the make up artist is very talented i think..
After that, i went to Maxi's Resto because there was the place that i used for my party..

The next thing was, me and my friends *my polo dancers* practiced the dance..
After practicing, i changed my outfit and yeah the party started..

My first outfit
My Family
From left to the right

The girls were my polo dancers and the boy, well his my best firend who make this happened.. He designed my invitation, train the girls and me, well he did everything.. Thank you so much dude!!

Well, i think that's all.. Actually i have more photos, but the size is too big.. It took a lot of time to upload them..
So yeah, i guess this is the end..
Bye =D

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