Getting Prepared

How are you guys!

I'm sorry for the lacking of updates..
The truth is, I'm so busy..
I swear, I'm not lying..

There are a lot of things to do..
Like final exams, my sweet seventeen party, and more..
The fact is, tomorrow I had to face Bahasa Indonesia and History final tests..
And i don't want to study..
I just don't have the urge to study.. Just no..

Well, in this post i just want to tell some random stories.. Because i don't have any urge to sudy, so i think it's better to spend the time writing a post..

And yeah, you guys know that I'm turning 17 next month (exactly: 11 days to go!) I'm feeling excited..
I can't wait to have my id card and my driving license..
Well, i know it's still a long time before my sweet seventeen birthday, but i want to tell you guys my wishes for the next year of my life..

  1. I pass 11 grade
  2. I don't trip while dancing in my sweet seventeen party
  3. I have fun in Israel
  4. An iPad (maybe an iPhone) (tell me guys, which one should i choose)
  5. A lot of presents (i'm just being childish)
  6. My brothers get a girlfriend
  7. Patience (I need this)
  8. More and more love of GOD
  9. A better relationship with my parents 
  10. To fall in love with someone
"To fall in love with someone"
Yeah, i don't want a boyfriend for now..
I just want to fall in love..

So yeah, those are my wishes..

Seriously, I still don't have the urge to study..
Well, i guess that's all..
I'm too tired to write..


One Month to Go

Hey guys..
How you guys doing?
Are you guys doing great?

Enough of the chit chat..

Actually next month i'm turning 17!
O yeah!

I'm getting busy with the preparation of my sweet seventeen party..
I'm not used to this kind of situation..
Well, I'm the only daughter in my family..
So I'm the only one who will hold a sweet seventeen party..
And yeah i just  know that MC stands for Master Ceremony..
Hahha.. Silly me..

But, before the party, i have to go through the most incredible thing in my life..
Not incredible actually..
Well, i have to go through my final test..
15 days to go to my lovely final test..
I'm being sarcastic..

Well guys, wish me luck..

So that's all for now..
I have to work on my math homework..
Bye :)

All the good and the bad things

Hello guys!!
Long time no see..
I'm sorry for the lack of updates in my blog..
I'm just so busy with school..
There are lots of exams and competitions ..
So yeah, let me tell you all the good and the bad things i experienced last month until this month..
Let's start!