I'm back!

Hello guys!!
I'm back again!
In here...
In Indonesia...

Finally, I'm back... (I've said that too much)
The trip was fun, but I still miss Indonesia...
This is the fact, Indonesia food is really delicious..

For you guys who don't know where I'm going, I went to Egypt and Israel..
It's a holy land trip..

Israel and Egypt are beautiful countries..
Well, there are lots of huge different between Israel and Egypt, but both of them contain lots of good looking people..

They're so handsome!

I went there to strengthening my faith, but once I got there, I became a play girl..
Hahaha... Just kidding..
But seriously, they're so handsome...

Well, I'll tell you more stories..
Maybe the day after tomorrow..
So yeah, I think that's all for today..

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