Summer Holiday Equipment

What's up people??
Summer is just around the corner..
Have you guys prepared about it??

So, today I'm going to write about things that you may be needed in your vacation..
Let's Start!

The first is a T-Shirt..
I think this is a important thing you must have for your summer vacation..
T-Shirt made from materials that absorbed your sweat, so you must have this.. 

Brand New Day T-Shirt from Coconut Island
Next thing is a sun block..
Seriously, you guys need this..
Actually it's not that necessary if you want to be look like a boiled crab..

The next important things is...
Sandals and Sneakers..

Sandals from montego bay club, Sneakers from converse
Don't forget about hat or cap..

I stole it from my brother closet
I think those 5 items are must have items for summer holidays..
The next thing, I think that not really necessary for me..
But I think you kinda must have those items..

The first is, comfortable clothes..

The second is, a perfume..

The third is some body equipment  (I don't find a words to explain it)

The next is a nail polish..
If you get bored on your holiday, you can paint your nails..

Nail Polish from The Face Shop

Next item is a hand cream..
With a hot weather your hands mostly will get dry..
So, buying a hand cream is a good idea..

This cute hand cream is from The Face Shop
The last item is a tumblr..
You can save your money by bringing your own mineral water from your house..

This tumblr comes from uniqlo

Well, i think those are important things for summer holiday..
I hope you guys enjoy your summer vacation..
You guys know, i haven't packed for my summer trip yet..
Well, i guess that's all for today..
Bye =D

Ps: most of the items above are my birthday presents.. Thank you guys :)

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