Getting Prepared

How are you guys!

I'm sorry for the lacking of updates..
The truth is, I'm so busy..
I swear, I'm not lying..

There are a lot of things to do..
Like final exams, my sweet seventeen party, and more..
The fact is, tomorrow I had to face Bahasa Indonesia and History final tests..
And i don't want to study..
I just don't have the urge to study.. Just no..

Well, in this post i just want to tell some random stories.. Because i don't have any urge to sudy, so i think it's better to spend the time writing a post..

And yeah, you guys know that I'm turning 17 next month (exactly: 11 days to go!) I'm feeling excited..
I can't wait to have my id card and my driving license..
Well, i know it's still a long time before my sweet seventeen birthday, but i want to tell you guys my wishes for the next year of my life..

  1. I pass 11 grade
  2. I don't trip while dancing in my sweet seventeen party
  3. I have fun in Israel
  4. An iPad (maybe an iPhone) (tell me guys, which one should i choose)
  5. A lot of presents (i'm just being childish)
  6. My brothers get a girlfriend
  7. Patience (I need this)
  8. More and more love of GOD
  9. A better relationship with my parents 
  10. To fall in love with someone
"To fall in love with someone"
Yeah, i don't want a boyfriend for now..
I just want to fall in love..

So yeah, those are my wishes..

Seriously, I still don't have the urge to study..
Well, i guess that's all..
I'm too tired to write..


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Suzie Q said...

Such a lovely wish list! I heard Israel is beautiful!

Suzie Q

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