August Favorites 2013

Hello everybody!
Long time no see..
I'm sorry for my absence for the time being..
It's just I'm so busy with school works..
Okay that's bullsh*t...
I'm sorry for the lack of words..
Well, the truth is I'm not busy.. I'm just lazy, as always...

So yeah, in this post i just want to show you guys some of my favorite beauty products of the month...
Let's get started!!

The first beauty product is this facial mud exfoliator from AHAVA.. You guys know that in June i went to Israel, and i bought a lot of AHAVA beauty products there..  They work really good in my skin..

My second favorite beauty products is facial renewal peel that also from AHAVA...

The next beauty product is Mango Eau De Toilette from The Body Shop.. This perfume smells so good for me..

Let's move on to the next thing which is not a beauty products.. So, i got this three pairs of earing from Payless.. It's so cheap, it's only 2 dollars.. It's crazy right? I mean in the good way..

The last thing is *drum roll please* a pair of peep toe heels.. I got this shoes from Payless again.. I really love this shoes, i think it's so glamorous..

Well, i think that's all for my favorite products of the month..
But wait, I'm not finished yet..
I have something to show you guys..

So, recently i tried to take a snapshot picture from a movie or dorama..
That's what i want to show you guys..

This is a snapshot picture from dorama called kekkon dekinai otoko starring Hiroshi Abe..

The second is this kiss scene from dorama called Buzzer Beat starring Yamapi and Hideaki Ito..

The last is from anime called K-On.. Yui looked really silly in here.. Hahahah..

Well, i guess that's all for now.. I'm sorry for my weird habit...

Bye =D

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